1. || Fire Walks With Me ||

  2. || Still Climbing….||

  3. || Do what I gotta do with this, after that I’ll be back….||

  4. || Victory || happy new year to everybody out there, sorry for been such a poltergeist 👻, I’m moving mountains :) …..thank u or been so awesome during this months you know who you are, I’m passing through many things but it’s all good, no matter what’s the weather like cause both the boat and captain are solid, dig it? ✨👊✨


  5. My new sounds:


  6. My new sounds:

  8. // Out of Reach //

  9. || The Open Space Big
    Sky Movement Ensemble || so proud of this collab with two awesome talents and two of the coolest guys on IG @ejbozeman and @1_of_8 if u don’t know their beautiful galleries you should check them out now. Hope to have the chance to meet these guys in person one day.love

  10. || Give us strength || dedicated to my friend and IG mentor @1_of_8 hope you get better soon man. Love